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"Jonesport combines the traditional ways of a true working waterfront with the inspirational beauty that captures the imagination of artists, craftsmen, and visitors alike."

Did you know that in all of the United States there is only one town named Jonesport? Well, in just one visit you'll find that Jonesport is as unique as its name. To read the account of where the saying "Jonesport America" got it's beginning click here.


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Time:   June 14, 2017
                                                                                                                   Time:  4:05 p.m.
Place:  Town Office, 70 Snare Creek Lane

Opened by:  Selectman Milliken, Selectman Alley and Selectman Fish absent

Attendees:  Donnie Woodward, CEO, Nancy Beal and Irene Rogers, Asst. to the Selectmen        

Approval of Minutes:  June 7, 2017 -  Selectmen’s Meeting.

Motion to accept by:  S.Alley, Seconded by S. Milliken  All in favor.  Approved -yes

            A.  Warrant:
             B. Payroll
                                                   OLD BUSINESS:


  • Representative to PRSWDD:  Bimbo Look was asked to be the rep.  Waiting for him to get back with decision.

                                  NEW BUSINESS:  

  • Salt bids: The State of Maine is putting out bids for salt.  Selectmen will bid with WCCOG as usual.



  • Update local road construction:  Jim Carver will be given a list of roads and will mark up roads with paint to show what needs to be done.  Town will pay for the paint.


  • Big Heart Award:  Selectman Milliken made a motion to set up a revolving scholarship CD at 1.5% interest with Machias Savings Bank, Selectman Alley seconded the motion.
  • Non payment of Court fees:  Attorney John Hamer will be contacted.
  • Request from Natural Areas Program:   A motion was made by Selectman Alley, seconded by Selectman Milliken to deny the request.
  • Working Waterfront Grant:  A motion was made by Milliken, seconded by Alley to pay the invoice received from WCCOG by deducting the matching funds of $3750. from contingency and the balance of $437.90 from the money received from the grant.











Please call 497-5926 or stop by the Town Office at 70 Snare Creek Ln., Lower Level for info.


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