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"Jonesport combines the traditional ways of a true working waterfront with the inspirational beauty that captures the imagination of artists, craftsmen, and visitors alike."

Did you know that in all of the United States there is only one town named Jonesport? Well, in just one visit you'll find that Jonesport is as unique as its name. To read the account of where the saying "Jonesport America" got it's beginning click here.


Upcoming Events

Town Office will be closed on October 3, 2016 for training


Thank you to all who participated or volunteered for various activities during the BikeMe overnight stay Sept. 11th!


September 20, 2016
Planning Board Agenda


1. (FYI )Application #  647  Owner/Applicant: Zack, Carl, and Tabby Pottle/Tim Pottle
Proposes: 10’ x10’ storage shed
Location:  4 Tabby Kat Lane

2. (After –the-fact)   Application # 651   Owner/Applicant: John Mills
Proposes: 12’ x 16’ Deck
Location:  1996 Indian River Road

3. (After- the – fact) Application # 652   Owner/Applicant: Elizabeth Dodge/ Peter Dodge
Proposes: 140 sq ft. greenhouse
Location: 107 Verna’s Lane

4. Application # 654                Owner/Applicant: Clifford Norton III
Proposes to renew permit #1085 issued 9/15/2015 (expand the North end of Stewart’s Grocery)
Location: 2122 Indian River Rd

5. Application # 655                Owner/Applicant: Clarance & Ora Farnsworth
Proposes to place a 14’ x 68’ manufactured home with a 8’ x 20’ addition on his property
Location:  20 Runtz Lane

6. Application# 656 Owner/Applicant: William & Barbara Malcarne
Proposes to build a 26’ x 32’ 2 car garage
Location: 12 Old House Point Rd

7. Application # 657                Owner/Applicant: Mark & Dawn Bechtold
Proposes to construct a 10’ x 19.6’ storage shed

Location: 209 Mason Bay Road



The Town of Jonesport is accepting bids for 2300 yards of winter sand to be mixed with Town-supplied salt.  Remixing of the old salt/sand with the new salt/sand is to be included in the bid price.  Salt/sand is to be put up by November 15, 2016.  Submit bids to the Jonesport Town Office by October 5, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Please write on the outside of the envelope:  “Winter Sand Bid 2016-17.” Bids will be opened at the Selectmen’s meeting on October 5, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.  Contact the Town Office at 497-5926 with any questions.  The Town of Jonesport’s Selectman will have the right to reject any/all bids.











Please call 497-5926 or stop by the Town Office at 70 Snare Creek Ln., Lower Level for info.


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